Cancer Research and Mitchell Foy’s Coloured Space-Time Model

images (1)During the 20th Century the mechanical logic of quantum mechanics ruled global technological culture. The result of this in the 21st Century is one of an obsession with continual economic growth bringing about an acceleration of worldwide economic chaos.

Millions of refugees, desperate for an escape from fundamental religious terrorism and requiring food and shelter, depict the abysmal failure of prevailing economic reality. To increasing numbers of desperate people, leaders advocating various glorious escape from crippling poverty through warfare, offer some very vague glimmer of hope and their mobilisation for armed conflict becomes a brief respite from their hideous and hopeless boredom. This can be considered to be a carcinogenic growth situation.

This issue depicts quantum mechanics logic as some sort of cancerous growth inhabiting the mind of science, economics and religious political ambition. This is to be expected, as the scientific understanding of the energies governing quantum mechanics logic have been classified as the energies of chaos. However, in cancer research another form of energy has been discovered. It is called information energy, which, in the emerging science of quantum biology, entangles with the

Significance of SAP HANA in the Digital World

The possibility of digital technology in every way has made today’s world more resplendent and creative. The evolution of future systems and technologies is proportional to the improvisations of digital world and its database. Reducing the time taken to convert the prototype to a complete product, standardizing the components used and implementing portability were the key factors that constitute improvement in digital world. For instance, above factors influenced the consistent double-digit growth of mobile industry.

Improvising digital world

Digital world is veiled with huge databases, interfaces and high-end applications. In spite of being advanced, it is complicated to maintain such a globalized technology. Improvements in digital world depend on the enhancements in the processing capability and architecture of its database and interfaces. Like any other technology, speed and portability were the key factors for a technology to take a leap towards success. Today’s world demands these features in each and every product from the IT industry.

Recently, DSAG (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe, Germean User Group) conference on latest advancements in science and technology paid a special attention to SAP HANA, cloud computing and analytics. Experts around the world have estimated the current impact and the contribution of SAP HANA in the future developments of the

The Third Vatican Is Desperately Needed

download (3)The First Vatican Council began on June 29, 1868. This Catholic system existed until October 1958. Its primary purpose was to deal with contemporary problems such as rationalism, liberalism, and materialism at the time. Next, the Second Vatican Council was started in January 1959 and primarily deals with equipping the church to more effectively re-evangelize the world through a language that the world can understand. Both councils have never fully addressed three prominent dilemmas of the church that remain to continue to this day such as the accessibility to the Eucharist, homosexual preferences, and a women’s right to choose. Therefore, this document addresses these three problem areas of the church and also provides reasons requiring a Third Vatican Council. My reasons for such a radical change thus follows below.

To begin, the current state of the Eucharist is such that only Catholics can partake in its glory. This is extremely wrong. The main reason being that this is a violation of Christ’s sacrament based upon Padre Pio’s description of Satan trying to dissuade Jesus’ sacrifice while he dealt with his agony in the garden

Cancer, Ancient Atomic Mathematics and the Science-Art of Quantum Biology

download (2)As is commonly known, the pursuit of happiness ideal was fused into the basic design of the Constitution of the United States of America. Surprisingly, no one seems to know why and how that came about. Scholars knew it had something to do with a message from ancient Egypt’s ‘Eye of Horus’, depicted at the top of a pyramid as part of the Great Seal of America. They also knew that this all-seeing eye message had been linked to the work of the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, who had studied political ethics in ancient Egypt.

Some thought that the message might relate to a happiness of acquiring wealth through mechanical industrialisation. However, the discovery of quantum biology during the 21st Century demonstrated that a far greater potential wealth exists within new technologies able to harness the previously unknown natural properties of carbon, belonging to human life forms. The old acquisition of wealth, derived from a mechanical mindset, is now well recognised as being the cause of a future unsustainable carcinogenic existence on planet Earth. Within Science-Art research, humanity has an innate non-mechanical association with Einstein’s

Why Is The Present Education System Flawed?

Let me start this article by saying some good things about the present education system. It can produce doctors who possess the best knowledge about diseases and their treatment; it can produce scientists who possess the expertise to build the most powerful computers in the universe; it can produce bureaucrats who best know the nuances of administration and it can produce politicians who best understand the problems of the people. It would seem we are getting the best we can ask for and so what really is the problem with the present education system?

What seem to be on the surface the right things about our education system, carry hidden perilous consequences in the long run. Now if you consider that the same education system produces doctors who can’t empathize with the sufferings of the patients, produces scientists who think humans are no different from robots, produces bureaucrats who adeptly circumvent rules and regulations to favor their political bosses and produces politicians who have no qualms in influencing the minds of the people for their own interests, you may get an idea of what really is wrong. The problem I think is, we give more importance to honing our analytical skills

Regarding First Cause Principles Governing Cancer Growth and Development

Medical science is associated with ethical intent and has made many wonderful discoveries. However, in the past it made a serious mistake when it assumed that junk DNA spoke an obsolete language from our evolutionary past. The discovery that junk DNA was instead, a previously hidden language code about future evolutionary health was published by the journal ‘Science’ in late 2013. The fact that the previously hidden language expressed aspects belonging to infinite fractal logic was important. It not only tipped modern medical science upside down but also demonstrated that 20th Century quantum mechanics was based upon completely false assumptions. Einstein’s world-view of reality was not only scientifically incomplete, but was very clearly an extension of a carcinogenic blueprint for our extinction.

In our ancient past this scientific blueprint for extinction had been part of the sacred geometrical language of the ‘Pyramid Texts’, written well before Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions came into existence. The texts outlined the theory of creation belonging to the ancient Egyptian God of Creation, Atum who declared “Let their be light” from the original dark abyss of universal chaos. Atum decreed that all life must return back into the original state of chaos. That exact same

Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe?

There is a constant debate over whether or not aliens exist. The common argument against their being a higher intelligence is why have they not contacted us? After all, if they are so smart than I’m sure they can figure out a way to reach Earth, right? Well I leave you with this to think about.

When Christopher Columbus came to the new world, he was not interested in the ant pile he might have stepped over when he first arrived. He was interested in intelligent life, such as the Native Americans, something equal to him. They were his most fascinating discovery, everything else was irrelevant. So what if there is a much more intelligent civilization out there but they are only communicating with other intelligent life forms? They walk past us every day uncaring for our inferior civilization, and we don’t even realize it.

It is like if humans were building a 100-story skyscraper, and sitting right next door was an ant pile. The ants have no clue that something far smarter than it are building something far more impressive than anything they can comprehend. They just aren’t up to that level of intelligence.

Then you say, “Well we haven’t heard any

Funding an Ethical Future

In the interest of social economical well-being, this article is addressed to senior corporate and educational administrators. It outlines the logic base upholding new technologies, a relevant funding model and new sustainable business administration development policies. These new commercial innovations are associated with the recent discovery that the previous classification of junk DNA is preventing healthy growth and development throughout the world.

The theories within the German book dealing with the non-linearity (fractal logic) reclassification of junk DNA, Vernetzte Intelligenz by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf have now been validated. The December 13th, 2013 issue of Science announced that scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA. The journal Science is the publication of the American Association of Science for the Advancement of Science and is one of the world’s most highly recognised scientific journals.

This second code contains fractal logic information that changes how scientists read the instructions contained in DNA and interpret mutations, to make sense of health and disease. Scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages.One language is written on top of the other, which is why the second language remained hidden for so long. Prevailing quantum mechanical logic

What Is a Flipped Class?

In the traditional class, teachers spend most of the class time lecturing. Maybe 90% of the class time is spent on delivery and review of content, while 10% is spent on application of content. Clearly this is not an effective way of teaching.

In most cases, the teacher finds in the classroom different groups of students: struggling learners, middle group of learners, and high level learners. The middle group of students could follow along while the teacher explains the content. But there is a group of high level students who are not challenged to move forward. And finally, there are the struggling learners who are not receiving enough effective help to understand the content; in fact, they depend on their effort outside the class for applying the concepts given on the class. But this is almost impossible for them since they are easily distracted. It is evident that there is not enough time for effective differentiation in the classroom.

How to overcome these difficulties which represent the general case and to transform teaching and learning?

American teachers believe that “flipped learning” is the model of instruction that permits the student to being able to apply more information and do collaborative learning in

May The Force Be With You Always

“May the force be with you.” Science fiction? Maybe not! It is proven that every living thing emits energy. Are ability to harness and constructively use it is just beginning to be developed. An emotional response for survival is probably the closest in explaining this phenomenon of energy that is in every living organism.

No-where in the course of human history has the destinies of mankind been shaped more by one single emotion. An emotion so powerful no other force or devises even comes close in scope to the magnitude of it’s influence on the decisions made by man. The insidiousness of a hydrogen bomb may be the most destructive devise designed by man, but, it is this emotion and reactions from it’s influence in the minds of man that has caused more devastation on civilizations and nature.

What is this emotion? A force that continues to have the most direct influence on actions and the reciprocal responses caused by those actions taken. The emotion of “Love.” This emotion has many interpretations. It is when this emotion becomes so obsessive and consumes the human soul mans judgement and actions are no longer virtuous but rather devious in nature. The love of power

Our Imagination

Someone once remarked that it is our own imagination which is within all of us complements the merry-go-round of life. Much can be said about imagination for without those childhood day dreams that all children have the many marvels of the ages wouldn’t have been made. All through-out history mankind has been inventing devises that have continually made improvements in man’s existence. Then again there is the dark side of humanity where inventions have only produced agonizing horrific atrocities. But, it is the good side of our imagination that is the one prime contributor that induces man’s ability to reach for the stars. And, yet today the technological marvels that are now available have also been a contributing factor in retarding childhood imagination and may well be attributed to more evil intentions of those willful perpetrators of calamity.

Too many times an obsession with devises such as those video games that have become so ever popular now have replaced one’s own initiative to visualize improbable situations where they are the central characters. Many baby boomers can remember the times of our childhood where play time consisted of acting out our fantasies where we visualized that we could do extraordinary things or

The Antidote to Global Terrorism

Warning: This article stretches the boundaries of accepted scientific logic. The scientist, Steven Hawking, has stated that the greatest mistake humanity has ever made was to invent artificial intelligence. He believes artificial intelligence within weaponry will soon bring about our total destruction. He appears to have no solution to this problem.

However, there is a supra-science logic that can prevent that from happening. Firstly, the real danger is that artificial intelligence is simply obeying the prime directive that scientists have given it. That prime directive is that all life in the universe must be destroyed in accordance to the prevailing understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. Known as the universal heat death law, Einstein referred to it as the premier law governing all of the sciences.

This mechanical law has no ability whatsoever to consider that the living process is an infinite fractal logic expression that is not evolving to extinction at all. The extinction that Einstein declared was inevitable was based upon the mechanical reality that universal energy flows from hot to cold. He had no idea that within quantum biology, living information is now well known to flow in the opposite direction and that its entanglement with the energies

Religious Death Cult Carcinogenic Blueprints

Intuitive emotional ideas from the past that now influence modern technology are important. Our seven day week of 24 hours a day, with each hour of 60 minutes, came from the Sumerian culture at the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia. An intuitive wonderment about the geometrical movement of objects in space brought that about. At the same time the idea of infinity was about the Sumerian chief god giving eternal life to the keeper on the Ark during the Great Flood. That emotional idea resulted in endless spiritually inspired warfare. This led to the point where artificial intelligence, according to Steven Hawking, will employ split nanoseconds of time within weapons of mass destruction, to bring about the destruction of civilization.

This conjecture points out the need for science to locate first cause principle logic to avert our extinction, by putting it into a computer to generate human survival simulations, then develop the human survival technology accordingly. The geometrical evolutionary development of emotional reality is obviously relevant.

Descartes gave an unemotional first cause logic base to govern mainstream science, derived from his axiom, ‘I think therefore I am’. Try telling that to two lovers wanting to create a child, in which case the

Progressive Trends in E-Learning

Consequent to the e-learning concepts and programmes gaining popularity with each passing day, the demand for the services to convert Flash Animation to HTML5 has also risen to new heights. To a poser on this conversion over the Google, plethora of suggestions and answers appear. It is always wise to seek the solutions provided by a professional IT company that is engaged in developing numerous animation programmes including e-learning processes.

Indeed, it has become all the more important since the topic and the illustration or graphics have to reach the target audience across varieties of devices, platforms, and browsers. And considering the fact that HTML 5 is the key digital technology, utmost attention is needed vis-à-vis the conversion becoming accessible from diverse media of smartphones and tables, irrespective of flash compatibility of the device.

On this score, reputed companies have the relevant expertise to offer these services with an element of value added to the content. As for development of new content, these companies have mastered the art as evident from the scores of end-users at home as well as abroad. The hallmark of their services lies in the art of conceptualising an enriched interactive content that could range from the K-12

Brothers Of Man

Somewhere in the annals of history lies hidden the whereabouts of other brothers of man. Survivors of an advanced past civilization that managed to escape one of the most destructive periods in the history of our planet. Could the Voynich Manuscript, Stonehenge, or the Lost Continent of Atlantis that hold the clues as to where what would be our ancestors actually are? Nobody knows for sure especially when we discuss the tale of Atlantis. But, there have been too many archaeological surprises that always seem to occur to substantiate many theories of our history not to consider the impossible possible.

To this day many believe that man is not alone in the Universe. Scientific evidence supports the existence of planets that are more than capable of nurturing and supporting life as we know it. Planets in inhabitable zones orbiting around suns very similar to our Earth. Our planet just could actually be the cradle of life. What makes the Voynich Manuscript or the tale of Atlantis so fascinating is the fact that there has been only a certain amount of speculation to the existence of a pre antiquity advanced civilization. But, there again like the Holy Grail the Ark of The

Obtaining a Blueprint for Human Survival

If any part of the human metabolism sends out mathematical information causing injury to a healthy part it can be considered to be a carcinogenic occurrence. The human species can be classified to be in an optimum state of health through mathematical computer simulations and its healthy evolution can be observed by creating futuristic simulations. That experiment will immediately demonstrate the nature of the science necessary to ensure healthy human survival technology.

This knowledge was first employed during the 1980s for seashell growth and development through space-time by using ancient Greek ethical Music of the Spheres mathematical theory. NASA published papers by the Science Advisor to the Belgrade Physics Institute, Professor Peter Grujic, that the ancient mathematics was associated with infinite fractal logic. The successful seashell experiment was able to demonstrate for the first time that the bizarre shapes of the famous Japanese fossil, Nipponites Mirabilis (“stone of Japan”), could be mathematically generated through space-time to simulate a living seashell creature. Prevailing entropic mathematics can only generate distorted carcinogenic futuristic biological simulations. Modern entropic mathematical science is unable to link infinite fractal logic to the evolutionary process because entropic science, governed by the universal heat death law sentences all existing life

Immanuel Kant’s Greatest Discovery

The Sumerian culture at the dawn of civilisation had a seven day week; each day had 24 hours and each hour had 60 minutes. From their geometrical mathematical intuition we inherited watches and clocks, and went on to develop technology able to carry information through millions of years of space-time. However, the Sumerians had no idea about the mathematics of infinity, which instead began as a religious concept about the nature of eternity. The Babylonian culture, which followed, developed a mathematics that was able to predict the 672 BC eclipse of the moon. By linking this ability to religious superstition the mathematical priests controlled the people by fear, using scientific logic as an instrument of enslavement.

During the 1800s America’s champion of liberty and freedom, Ralph Waldo Emerson, argued that American financiers had used the Babylonian trickery to enslave the people to a life of perpetual debt. He pointed out that the mechanistic technology adopted in America dismissed a supra-technology alluded to within the infinity belonging to Indian Sanskrit mathematics, which represented freedom from commercial serfdom.

This mathematical trickery that controls the minds of the people to accept financial enslavement, is now quite well known. This mathematics, used for poker machine

How Wise Is the Concept of a Universe Created From a Big Bang?

It grates on my nerves every time I hear this mentioned. What kind of inferior mind could conceive of such a thing and how stupid are those who believe it? What is a big bang in space and who would have organised it? There are a million such question ready to be asked of the ‘genius’ who first put this theory into the realm of human thought. What caused the ‘bang’ and where did the substance come from that created all of the planets, put them into perfect orbits, and then produced life?

Humans are great are putting up theories that play on the mind until they are accepted as fact. We are also capable of dismissing logic for make-believe and trading peace for trauma. In other words most are ignorant and relatively stupid when it comes to even putting two and two together.

Every now and then over the course of human evolution some ‘great ideas’ have survived and established systems that are now destroying us. The invention of plastic is an example. We have the burning of fossil fuels which is another of our great mistakes. There is also the Industrial Revolution that created a working model that resulted in

Sex, Science and Survival

The idea that reality evolves through an infinite dance of fundamental atomic geometrical shapes with an ethical purpose, became the basis of science in 3rd Century BC Greece. Plato’s Academy called it the Science for ethical ends. The Epicurean University called it the Science of universal love. The movement of the moon, echoing the atomic dance of life was seen to influence the female cycle. The ethical purpose, in this case, was held to explain a mothers love and compassion for children, giving sex a potential infinite ethical value.

Greek philosophers argued that religious beliefs were not part of the atomic purpose and others maintained that traditional cultural virtues contributed to the evolution of humanity. A crucial debate at that time, was that healthy human development required a scientific understanding of infinity. This understanding was associated with a sexually orientated joy of life associated with the eternal atomic dance creating a desire to love and protect children.

Greek science was invented to save civilization from the extinction process, recorded within the fossil record. In particular, the term ‘saviour’ applied to teachers of the Epicurean school. The Roman Government considered this idea as a threat to the stability of their Empire. However,

The Deadly Ethical Problem With Science

Epidemiology is the legally accepted medical science upholding the evolutionary health and well-being of communities. The development of ethical intent within communities is therefore crucial. The worship of a personal ethical infinite God, gods or goddesses, can be considered to be a natural evolutionary intuition belonging to communities. In that case it is reasonable to allow infinite fractal geometrical logic to be associated with emotional ethics research.

From that biological perspective, prohibiting such mathematical logic to be associated with the living process becomes unethical behaviour. Modern science can be considered unethical because Einstein and other scientists agreed all of the sciences must be governed by the law of thermal extinction, prohibiting existing life in the universe to express itself as a logical infinite mathematical expression. The error of that unethical death cult obsession becomes obvious when nano-scale high-resolution cellular photographic images show up as infinite fractal expressions.

Steven Hawking, and many other eminent scientists have pointed out that the prevailing technological obsession with artificial intelligence is the greatest mistake ever made by humanity. Unfortunately, as accepted scientists they conform to the fundamental structure of modern science. Therefore, they cannot imagine an antidote to this great carcinogenic scientific mindset mistake. Research funding for